Holy Wednesday

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Welcome to Wednesday in Holy Week. This week as we explore the readings of Holy Week through our senses today’s reading for us is from John’s gospel (RCL yr A) and can be found here.

We join the story of Jesus and the disciples together, just after the Jesus serves them in the washing of their feet. Our focus today is in Jesus predicting Judas’s betrayal.

Thinking About This

Take a few moments to think about this story today using the prompts below. Write about it for yourself or share a conversation with someone you love.

Have you ever had someone special to you, betray you in someway?
How did feel for you?
Have you been able to repair the relationship? Or has it been left unresolved like Judas and Jesus?
Have you ever been the betrayer?

Think about Jesus in this story. How must he have felt knowing one of his dearest friends would betray him?
What about Judas? What about his motivation?
What is this story inviting us to know today?
How might this story be inviting us to think about our own behaviour? 

Embodying This Story

Watch the story here from LUMO Project
Holy Tales Bible Stories shares a kids telling here.

Today we are going on a treasure hunt, looking for Judas’s 30 pieces of silver.

Or let’s head to the kitchen to make up a silver feast (you may need the supermarket first for this one!)

Get your groove on with CJ & Friends here as they sing out loud!

Other great resources: Making Juda’s Pouchcolouring page,  word search, check out littlest disciples here for simple Holy Week activities for littlies.