Maundy Thursday

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Welcome to Thursday of Holy Week. The day we call Maundy Thursday. What on earth is that, you ask? Check it out here.

Today is the day Jesus eats with his disciples, teaches them about the nature of servanthood as he washes their feet and moves into the night where darkness takes hold.

Enter the Story
Read the Gospel account of John here.

View the story for younger people here from What’s In The Bible With Buck Denver. a Phil Vischer production (creator of Veggie Tales)

View the LUMO project story here.

Engage the Story
Let’s think about the story we have just encountered. Using the prompts below, reflect and write, draw or talk about your responses with someone special to you.

Do you have ticklish feet? Do you think any of the disciples laughed when Jesus washed their feet?
How smelly do you think all of the disciples feet were?
How do you feel when someone touches your feet? Does it tickle?

What did Jesus mean when he said to Peter” If I don’t wash you, you have no part with Me.”?
Think about Peter’s response “Lord, not only my feet, but also my hands and my head.”, what might this mean?

Embodying The Story
In our current society, with COVID-19, cleanliness is such a big deal. Take a moment, go to your sink and wash your hands using the music of the doxology as your guide for the length of time to wash your hands but also as a way of thanksgiving for all that we have in this current moment, and through the thanksgiving for the sacrifice of the Christ on the cross. Think about what it meant for Jesus to take the feet of EACH of the disciples in his hands, to wash and dry them. How are we able to find the blessings in the challenging moments.

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