Silver Coin Treasure Hunt

sensory faith

This is a treasure hunt for the hidden silver that Judas was given for betraying Jesus.

To play this game you will need 30 silver coins. You can use 30x 5cent or 10cent pieces or you might like to try out these variations below for making your own.

Make Your Own Coins
You can buy the silver wrapped chocolate coins usually in party stores ot make your own using 30 round sweets wrapped in aluminium foil. A freckle or large choc bud is sized about right for a coin!

Once you have your 30 coins, pick a room or a spot outside and hide them, and send someone off to go and find them.

To add something a little extra tricky you could make this into a scavenger hunt, a treasure hunt with clues or even do it as a blindfolded walk with only the directions spoken to you to find them.

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