What is that smell!

sensory faith

Our sense of smell is a very powerful thing. There is a story in the Bible which speaks of a woman’s devotion to Jesus by sharing a gift with him that had the most amazing smell. John 12: 1-7 tells the story of Mary of Bethany who anoints Jesus feet with some precious oil she had been keeping. You can read the story in full here.

Why not embody this story and test out your own sense of smell. Grab a friend or family member and have a go at the activity below. See how good your nose is.

You will need:
6 glasses
items from your pantry or fridge, you pick! Pick items that will have a strong smell
Cotton balls
A friend
A blind fold
A teatowel

How to play:
Pick your six smells from your pantry and place a small portion into each glass, so you have one smell in one cup. If you are using liquids you might like to put a cotton ball in the glass to soak up the smell and save on spilling chances!
Cover your glasses with a tea towel and go and grab your friend.
Once they are back at the smelling table, blindfold them. When the blindfold is secured well, offer them the glasses one at a time and ask them to take a good smell and see if they can figure out what they all are.

Have them swap so you can have a go, raid the pantry again and try with something different!

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